June 2023

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Our New Chef

Welcome Chef Anne Naphat Ghiassi

You might not know this about Thai people, but they take food very seriously. In fact when friends and family meet one of the first things they ask is, “Gin cow may?” which translates to “Would you like to eat?” It’s an invitation and it’s how Thai people show they care for one another.

Anne is originally from Bangkok, Thailand – a city named the world’s street food capital. Growing up she had the opportunity to learn from her grandmother, mother, and aunts, who are all avid cooks. Catching a thirst for adventure at a young age Anne has had the chance to live, work, and travel in Australia, Europe, Asia, and now calls Central Oregon home. But she always had a love for her country’s food and starting in 2019 Anne dedicated herself to travel across Thailand to each city in order to taste the unique styles and flavors that can be found.

In 2022 Anne graduated from Bangkok Service Cooking School, where she was able to learn the traditional methods and authentic flavors that have been passed down since the 13th century. She owns PROUD Thai Cuisine where she delivers At-Home Cooking Classes, Private Dinners, & Catering in Bend, Oregon.

Anne will be hosting the Taste of Thai cooking class on June 23rd (there are still spots!!) and then a monthly Thai cooking class.  

Kitchen Products We Love


Hestan Stainless Steel Cookware

We have a large selection of Hestan Cookware in our store.  Made in Italy, Hestan is “driven by a constant pursuit of culinary excellence.”  This stainless cookware is perfect for the home kitchen as it is designed with innovative and meticulous craftmanship for a lifetime of excellent cooking.


Gozney Roccbox

If you are ready for some summers on your deck, come check out these Gozney Roccbox outdoor ovens.  Yes, you can make a great pizza in one but also you can use a cast iron pan to cook a steak, veggies or even a delicious chocolate chip cookie.  All you need is some outdoor space, a propane tank and some culinary curiosity!

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